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Assessments & Surveys

These are the tools we provide to help our clients have the insights they need to make informed decisions about individual and organizational growth. We use single or multi science assessments based on the needs of our clients.  We also provide customizable Organizational/360 surveys to help our clients to quickly identify the types of interventions required to grow.

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Measures behavior

Driving Forces

Measures motivation

Skills Inventory

Measures current soft skills


Measures behaviors, motivators, acumen and skills.

Self Guided Resources

These assessment & workbook combinations were curated for those looking for self-guided insights and tips about their communications styles based on Working from Home or Career Insights.


Reflections From the Fire- Every crucible experience offers insights if only we take the time to reflect meaningfully. This book chronicles the journey to discovering one’s core values through a storied lens of being an author, entrepreneur, and flourishing human.

“Reading these beautiful, heart-wrenching narratives of perseverance—underpinned by the remarkable apotheosis of self-determination from a little girl who knew her worth despite the world—helps us all to affirm our own singular humanity and intrinsic value. The grace, resiliency, and self-compassion rooted in these stories are sources of strength for those of us seeking to honor our whole selves.

-Whitney Blackburn, Director of Marketing, Optus Inc.

“One of the defining strengths of this book is the brutal honesty and openness within the author’s shared stories.Your left with an awareness we all have our own fires that have burned or need to be set ablaze, so beauty can come from the ashes.”

– Alyssa Edens, Assistant Vice President, St.Bernards Healthcare

Leadership, Communication, Human Flourishing

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