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Luann Berry

Senior Vice President/ Chief Human Resources Officer

"Whitney's delivery is so precise and diplomatic. Her assessments are so accurate and interesting. It offered us a more detailed look at the candidates we are hiring. Whitney is always willing to answer questions and provide assistance in our recruiting as well as provide specific coaching solutions. She is very approachable, warm, and genuine. But she is also knowledgeable and confident. The combination of all of the above is what makes her so effective with our entire staff and Board of Directors at FarmCredit of Western Arkansas.

Shelle R. Randall, PHR

Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce

"I have had the pleasure of working with Whitney for several years in her capacity as a behaviorist for our workforce development program. Whitney is energetic and talented. She is adept at engaging her audience and coaching them through effective communication techniques. Whitney delivers great results with enthusiasm and professionalism!"

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