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At Whitney S. Consulting we provide coaching to those who commit the time and energy it takes to discover and be their best. Our coaching services provide practical strategies and scientific tools to aid our clients in achieving their goals.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching model is tailored to the behavioral styling of the individual being coached. We take the time to help you build awareness of how to effectively communicate in your personal and professional leadership roles.

At Whitney S. Consulting, we have a heart for leaders. Our team wants to see you succeed, find the courage to lead authentically bravely be who you were made to be, and communicate effectively with your team.

Team Development Coaching

Is there someone on your team that is struggling to fit or someone in a new department or division of your organization that is not performing at the level you’d expected? When your attempts to get a certain individual motivated have failed but you’re not ready to let this person go, we can assist you. 

We help identify strengths, weaknesses and the potential of the team, guiding them in their personal and professional development. In order to achieve higher levels of communication, engagement and productivity with an elevated understanding from our Team Development Coaching.

Transitional Strategy Coaching

Whether you are looking to transition a job role within a company or make a transition out of one career path into another it requires strategy. We aid our clients in identifying the next right steps for their career based on their experiences, behavioral styling and current skills set with our Transitional Coaching Method. We aim to make sure our clients professional development and insights are sharpened during this liminal shift in their career trajectory. 

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Whitney Blackburn

Director of Marketing at Optus Inc.

I wholeheartedly recommend Whitney Schreck and Whitney S. Consulting LLC for any organizational, cultural, or personal leadership. I recently worked with Whitney to develop and implement both personal and professional growth initiatives within my current role at Optus, Inc. With her extensive knowledge in leadership development, executive coaching, and organizational culture and effectiveness, Whitney guided me through a transitional point in my career and provided me with a powerful tool belt with which to navigate change and pursue advancement. Whitney assessed, interpreted, and activated key insights in relation to my behaviors, motivations, and leadership attributes—guiding me toward a radical level of compassion and candor, and elevating my confidence, skill set, and workplace ideals. Whitney has been instrumental in my evolution as a leader, and her passion for empowering individuals to move toward balance, boundaries, and positive behaviors are unmatched.
Working with Whitney was a transformational experience where I learned to embrace my strengths and communication style to achieve personal and professional goals. Simply put, I am more effective, more authentic, and more deliberate today because of my work with Whitney. She is a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to work with her.

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