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Whitney S. Consulting

Leadership and Executive Coach – Northwest Arkansas

Whitney S. Consulting provides leadership and executive coaching services in addition to HR consultations to help companies and individuals define, develop, and deliver better work environments.

About Whitney S.

Whitney S. Consulting believes good leadership begins with understanding yourself and what drives you to do what you do. Whitney and her team use EEOC certified assessment tools to help clarify your leadership, and communication stylings. Each workshop, coaching, and consultation uses a blend of science and tailored approaches to help you and your teams unlock and develop workplace talents and skills achieve goals and build a healthier workplace culture.

Our Multi-Science Approach


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Business Consulting & Leadership Coaching in Northwest Arkansas

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Here’s How We Can Help

Communication Workshops

Our workshops aid in uncovering a system that helps eliminate barriers in communication. When teams effectively communicate their workflow dynamic is positive and attracts even greater talent.

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Human Resource Consultations

We provide is a scientific approach to aid companies in hiring and retaining the best candidate for the position and the team.

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Coaching Services

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development Coaching
  • Transitional Strategy Coaching

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Cara Brazeal

"Whitney provided coaching services during the first six months of my employment. In my new role I was undergoing a drastic change of working environments between my current and prior organization. Whitney was able to help me identify my core beliefs and how to translate them into being a better individual and leader to my team. It is evident Whitney is highly educated in her industry and continues to grow by incorporating new research. She doesn't provide the same leadership tricks we've heard before. The coaching agreement wasn't contained to the theories of Leadership, she provided hands-on examples and practices for me to implement with my team. To anyone who is determined to build their leadership skills, Whitney S. Coaching was more valuable than any other I have formerly undergone. "

Leadership, Communication, Human Flourishing

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