Company Culture Consultation

A Company's Culture is defined by 6 common threads: Communication, Motivation, Core Belief Systems, Creativity, Leadership and a Common Enemy. When these insights are clearly defined you are better able to read your team, understand what motivate you and them, and accomplish your goals more efficiently. Your company deserves a chance to make a lasting impact and to do this you must know what it takes to keep your culture thriving 

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Human Resource Consultation

Hiring quality talent can seem daunting. We can help. When you understand behaviors and what to look for in candidates for specific job roles its a piece of cake. But unfortunately most companies are flying blind or using out dated methods of assessing talent. We believe your company has staying power and deserves to kick turnover to the curb

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Personal Experiences

"In our business, it’s extremely important that we hire the right person for each position. We want to do everything in our power to get it right on the front end. Whitney has been a tremendous help to us with our hiring.  She provides a talent assessment to prospective employees that gives us tons of information we can use to ensure we are getting the right candidate in the right spot before we hire.  Whitney is a true professional.  She is extremely knowledgeable and is a very valuable resource."

Diane Fletcher, Human Resources Manager, Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation

"I have had the pleasure of working with Whitney for several years in her capacity as a behaviorist for our workforce development program.  Whitney is energetic and talented.  She is adept at engaging her audience and coaching them through effective communication techniques.  Whitney delivers great results with enthusiasm and professionalism!"

Shelle R. Randall, PHR, Director of Workforce Development & Existing Industry, Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce