Leadership Coaching

Let me start by saying we have a heart for leaders and want to see each one of them succeed and find the courage to bravely be who they were made to be and not who they think they ought to be. Now having said this we do not coach coach bully's (those who take the rights of others), pessimists (those who refuse to allow positive morale thrive) and sloths (those too lazy to care). But we do coach those who have a "will" and "effort" to commit the time and energy it takes to discover and be their heart's best. You deserve the chance to get over the hurtles and be your best for you and your team. 

The cool thing about our coaching model is that it is tailored to your behavioral styling. We take the time to help you build awareness around how to be an effective communicator in your personal and professional leadership roles. Here are 4 ways we can aid you in being your hearts best:

  1. Assess your personal & professional behavioral styling

  2. Review your assessment results with you

  3. Discover your greatest strengths & limitations

  4. Create a plan of actions around your areas of improvement

Team Development Coaching

Is there someone on your team that is struggling to fit it or maybe you have a placed someone in a new department or division of your organization and they are not performing at the level you’d expected? When your attempts to get a certain individual motivated have failed but you’re not ready to let this person go we can help with this process. People are all wired with a certain makeup of communication styles, driving forces, and skills sets. We help identify areas of limitation in your teams dynamics as well as with the individuals makeup team member that is struggling. Here are 4 ways we help your team become a more cohesive unit:

  1. Assess the individual and teams stylings

  2. Design coaching outcomes

  3. Develop roadmap of success with individual

  4. Complete Triad debrief with individual and manager

Strategy Coaching

Whether you are in dire need of an updated mission/vision statement, or trying to identify and navigate your brand story process it requires a strategy. While flying by the seat of your pants may be fun for a road trip it is not the way to approach your need. One of our mottos is, if you can't define it, then you can't develop it and sure as heck can't deliver it. Here are 4 ways we help you develop a strategy that works:

  1. Define the desired outcome

  2. Develop the time-tabled strategy

  3. Deliver with accountability

  4. Evaluate and assess results

Personal Experience

"Whitney is very professional but personable at the same time. Her approach to my situation made me feel at ease and boosted my confidence. She is a brand guru that knows how to help me articulate my vision. I am very impressed with her work and I would highly recommend anyone to use her!"

Candence Brooks, Realtor, Westbrook & Reeves

"Whitney S. is a force of energy and a voice of reason. When Whitney offers a suggestion for something, I can't NOT put that suggestion into action. She has vision and clarity for her peoples' futures that aren't visible to others and she is able to paint that future so eloquently for clear understanding, with many action points included. Whitney is like a gust of wind, her counsel is gentle and calm in approach, but her guidance is specific in its direction and strong to set forth the inertia for motivation and movement. Whitney is inspiration, happiness, and wisdom. I couldn't ask for a better peer coach, let alone a better friend."

Jordan Brawner, Founder, Brawny & CO, CEO, Little Spider Creations Inc.