About Whit(isms)


Life is full of brilliant and difficult lessons that turn into great stories. My journey as an entrepreneur is just that. Each lesson in adversity pushed me to keep a check and strategic balance in my heart and faith. My desire is that you find a few of those insights here, and if you don’t see what your looking for, just ask. I can’t promise I have the answer, but I can promise you will be heard. It’s easy in the world of business to lose focus and we all need someone to be real with us about our mistakes and care enough to share with us a way to do and be better.

This site hosts blogs and information about my company and its offerings as well as inspiring and gritty insights to real experiences that have occurred in my business journey. I have often said that my tribe is a mix of creatives and entrepreneurs, partly because I am both and partly because I believe in order to survive in the world of business you have to be both heartfelt and creative while harnessing an industrial spirit.

I have no intention of being appealing to everyone. In my business I seek to positively provoke you back to relationship with yourself, your people and why you’re doing what your doing. I believe if you genuinely care about your people and are willing to be relatable as an leader you will never not be relevant and effective.

5 Belief as a Leader

  1. I believe relationship is essential in leadership and business.

  2. I believe you have the right to think, feel, believe what you want but not the right to treat others anyway you want.

  3. I believe if you are a leader who truly cares for your people you will never not be relevant or effective.

  4. I believe that I can provide others with quality knowledge, support and encouragement but am never responsible for others effort.

  5. I believe when you know your identity it aids you to be true and integral to your character in both your personal and professional leadership.

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