Communication Workshops

Communication is vital to teams, businesses, and working relationships. What if there was a way for you to be able to communicate more effectively in person, via phone or even digitally that could reduce stress, build up your team and help retain quality talent? This. Is. Possible. These workshops aid you in discover a system that helps eliminate barriers in communication, and when you and your team effectively communicate your workflow dynamic is positive and attracts even greater talent.

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Leadership Workshops

 Innovative Leadership is having the vision for strategy before there is a fully developed plan. These innovative leadership workshops are designed to enhance awareness around your leadership styling and how you can improve yourself, and influence others as a leader. Our desire is for you to be challenged, refreshed & equipped to take on the creative messes in your workplace and achieve innovative results with and through your team.

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Salesforce Workshops

Being good at gaining endorsement and trust from a client is essential in the sales process. There are 5 essential sales steps that your team can learn in order to be able to better read, understand the pain or perks of your current and potential clients needs. When you are ready to take your sales team to the next level of success we are here to give you the practical tools to achieve capital outcomes.


Personal Experiences

"What I really enjoy about working with Whitney is the fact that she is energized, committed, focused and motivated all of the time! When you combine that with a great sense of humor you start to understand how she is able to read and connect with her audience so well.  Whitney is an extremely competent and passionate trainer who at the end of the day is focused on making a difference and driving home the message."

Melissa Coles, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice President, Human Resources, Farm Credit Midsouth

"Whitney did a fantastic job holding me accountable when dealing with others.  She has the ability to expose all personalities and boost their confidence.  She is remarkably supportive and compassionate, yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, and the steps I need to take to accomplish my goals.  Given all this information, I highly recommend Whitney as a Consultant and a Friend."

Evan Miller, Manager, TimBar Packaging & Display