The Best Ways to Relax Based On Your Style

Stress sucks. Lets face it, none of us are super humans I don’t care how many vitamin supplements, shots of espresso, or varieties of essential oils you have when you don’t take care of your bodies properly it will shut it down on you. From personal experience that is neither a fun nor healthy outcome. But like the rest of the workforce I know that our jobs and life can be overwhelming and we need a little extra help figuring out just how to manage the good stress and let go of the rest.

Not everyone manages stress the same way. There is evidence that based on your specific communication style that there is certain things that can reduce your stress and help you unwind much faster.  According to the work done by Target Training International (TTI) each of the four specific communication styles: Dominant, Influencer, Steady and Compliant, have different needs in order to unwind and let go of stress. I learned that my style of unwinding could be tailored. By doing this I had a sense of control about how I managed my emotional and mental state during times of high stress. Over time and with practice I accepted the idea to make the time to do what was necessary for my peace of mind and it has changed the way I do life.

When we hit low points it’s difficult to effectively function in our personal or professional roles. We are all at our best when we are in a positive state of mind and that requires that we get rest, eat healthy and exercise. As individuals there are other techniques that reboot us better than it does others. Listed below is 2 ways each communication style relaxes more optimally than the others based on the research done by TTI.

Dominant Style

Needs to burn off their extra energy that builds up

•High Intensity work outs, running, kick boxing, hot yoga (at least 30 min. a day)

•Competitive sports like softball, soccer, basketball, The Spartan

Influencer Style

Needs to verbally dialogue & banter

•Meeting up with friends for game night, or social events (without the kids)

•Participating in a social community function, or book club, wine tasting, bible study group, etc. where they can express their thoughts and feelings freely

Steady Style

Needs to find a place to unwind

•Taking the time to get massages, long baths, and having a glass of wine, helps them decompress

• Have a small close community of friends to do things with and also as for the necessary social support

Compliant Style

Need to find a place of solitude

•Going on long walks, runs, or mindless task such as cleaning, gardening or tinkering with the car by themselves allows them to sift through their thoughts

•Brief naps can also rejuvenate them during high stress projects


The idea is to stay in check with you. Recognize early on the signs that you need to integrate some of the above suggestions per your specific communication style. For some of you it may manifest itself physically through migraines, not being able to shake a cold, or even worse kidney stones and heart issues, while others may experience the impact of stress in the emotions with bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Your body and mind are resilient, and when you apply some of the above practices you invite wellness back into your life.

Lastly, don’t worry about what others think of you for integrating ways to better yourself through self-maintenance. It is a guarantee they will discover that a healthier, happier and less stressed you is far more enjoyable to work with than the alternative. Plus you benefit by accomplishing far more in a better state of mind. Don’t wait to start implementing these practices.  A less stressed you is on the others side of your decision to take care of you. As always I hope these bite-sized insights are beneficial to you and spark a sense of mission to keep bettering yourself both personally and professionally.